We have protected eyes since 1983

If the eyes are exposed to harmful chemicals, the difference between blindness and complete recovery of sight can be a matter of seconds. For this reason, an eyewash must be quick, easy and safe to use. Tobin Eyewash is a well known and tested product that allows the user to begin rinsing the eyes very quickly after an accident.

Why Tobin Eyewash?

Tobin Eyewash has been on the international market since 1983 and, over the years, has been continuosly developed further in order to meet the high expectations of the market. Tobin Sweden has the strength and expertise to continue developing products within the area of eye protection in the best way possible, ensuring that ease of use is constantly being improved. The quicker and easier a product is to use, the greater the chance of saving a person's sight.

Produced to the highest standards

The regulations governing sterile liquids are rigorous. In our brand new facility in Kungälv, Sweden we produce the Tobin Eyewash in a completely sterile fabrication plant to ensure that we exceed the regulations of SS-EN 15154-4:2009, SS-EN 556-1:2006, ISO 17665-1:2006 and ISO 13485:2016. The Tobin Eyewash system and all Tobin eyewash liquids are completely sterile during their shelf-life and comply with all demanding regulation standards adhered to eyewash production.